2017 Demonstrators

Reza Piroznia, Jewellery Jamboree Gems

Reza Piroznia, F.C.G.m.A, is a Canadian-based goldsmith. Strongly influenced by his Persian roots. Reza designs jewellery using gemstones that he has carefully selected while spelunking world wide. His delightful and delicate creations capture the natural qualities present in Super Seven crystals and a love for Persian Turquoise. Enjoying his livelihood with an engaging enthusiasm and charm Reza has created Jewellery Jamboree Gems as a family run business. Known to all of us as a generous and gentle person it is a delight to share in his dream. 

Zulekha Noormohamed, Blue Sapphire Beads

Zulekha Noormohamed is a successful business woman who has been making breathtaking one-of-a-kind jewellery for 13 years. Each unique piece is hand crafted and made with love and care to accentuate the inner beauty of all who wear her creations. She specializes in working with high quality precious and semi-precious beads both in her jewellery and her bead company. Zulekha believes deeply in the healing qualities of the stones she works with. Her commitment to this results in her often making custom pieces for her customers to benefit from their healing properties. 


Zulekha juggles a full-time job, running two successful businesses along with raising her three beautiful daughters. She regularly jokes that she works a full-time job in order to pay for her addiction, which is her jewellery. Along with her partner, Salim Moorani, they run two successful and growing businesses to channel their creative energy. Blue Sapphire Beads ( sells their hand crafted creations along with importing sterling silver, precious and semi-precious beads and components.

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The Gem Expo ( is a gem, jewellery, lampwork and mineral trade show. The show is open to the public as well as wholesalers.

Zulekha has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Lakehead University, a Human Services Counselor diploma from George Brown College and is working on getting her Reiki Master and Homeopathy certifications. 

Caroline Andrews, Wire, Enamel and Metal Aficionado - 
Owner & Designer SunLine Metalz, President of the West Toronto Beading Guild, Vice President of the East Toronto Beading Guild

As an artist she experimented with many forms of art and design, but it wasn't until she started designing with wire and metal that she became totally captivated! She looks forward to designing "outside of the box" at every opportunity. Caroline is constantly researching sources, products, and material that are new and eco-friendly, reusable, or recycled, and enjoys sharing this knowledge with others to reduce the industries carbon footprint.

Brantford Lapidary & Mineral Society

Established in 1964, the Brantford Lapidary & Mineral Society holds monthly meetings at T.B. Costain S.C. Johnson Community Centre in Brantford. Meetings are held on the third Friday of each month. The club is an active members of the Central Canadian Federation of Mineralogical Societies (C.C.F.M.S.)

Various speakers attend our monthly meetings. They share information relating to the different facets of the club’s interests, according to their fields of expertise. The club arranges for field trips locally and further away from our area, where rocks and minerals can either be collected or studied. Lapidary (the art of cutting and polishing stone and mineral) classes are held in the clubs’ well equipped workshop, housed at 19 Helen Ave., in Brantford. The classes are taught by experienced volunteers. Whenever applicable, the club assists local schools through presentations and exhibits that relate to their current science curriculum. Each year the club gives scholarships to deserving students in the Earth Sciences program at the University of Waterloo.

Helmut Koenig, Gemmologist

“This demonstration is presented by Helmut Koenig, FCGmA, who has over 15 years of practical experience working as Chief Gemmologist for a leading coloured gemstone wholesaler in Toronto. He has served The Canadian Gemmological Association as Vice President, Education Director and as instructor of the CGA Professional Gemmology program for 10 years.”


Anna Stapf, AmberLink

Details to come.

America Vilchez, Divine Intentions Jewellery

Details to come.

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