2017 Free Demonstrations
Main Hall Demo Area

How to Properly Set Your 

Bail on a Drilled Stone


Saturday, September 30

Time: 11:30

Reza Piroznia, Jewellery Jamboree Gems

Reza will take you step by step as he demonstrates this useful technique using a piece of amber.

Gemstones & Healing Properties

Saturday, September 30

Time: 12:30

Zulekha Noormohamed, Blue Sapphire Beads

Have you ever noticed that you are attracted to a particular colour, whether it's in your wardrobe, foods you like or smells you like? That's your body telling you there is a blockage in one of your chakras or energy points in your body. Those attractions are the body giving you clues on how to repair itself. For example, a recurring sore throat leaves clues to a blocked fifth (throat) chakra. Learn how you can use crystals to help those chakra energy points to get moving again.

Torch Fired Enameling

Saturday, September 30

Time: 1:15

Caroline Andrews, East & West Toronto Beading Guilds

Caroline will guide you step by step through the immersion technique of torch enameling. She will describe the tools required, and discuss the types of enamels to be used. 

In the demonstration you will learn how to properly hold, heat and immerse copper vintage components (supplied by Robert Hall Originals) to create a variety of amazing pendants.


Saturday, September 30, Time: 2:15

Sunday, October 1, Time: 3:15

Brantford Lapidary & Mineral Society

Learn the steps involved in taking a rough piece of rock & using equipment to turn it into a beautiful cabochon.

Gemstone Factors For Quality & Value

Sunday, October 1

Time: 11:30

Helmut Koenig, Gemmologist

Helmut will discuss what attributes affect the value of a stone and the different kinds of cuts used when faceting.

Baltic Amber (Sussinite) Classification

Sunday, October 1

Time: 12:15

Anna Stapf, AmberLink

Learn about Baltic Amber Classification and view samples of raw amber. Hear about Anna's visit to the Baltic Amber Museum in Gdansk.

Cold Connections / Stamping

Sunday, October 1

Time: 1:15

Caroline Andrews, East & West Toronto Beading Guilds

Caroline will demonstrate this process and what tools are needed to make beautiful creative pieces for your jewellery.

The Joy of Gemstones

Sunday, October 1

Time: 2:15

America Vilchez, Divine Intentions Jewellery

Learn about the healing powers of gemstones and how to use them to help achieve greater joy and fulfillment in our lives.