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2016 Show Free Seminars:

Seminar Room

Fossils: A Close Encounter


Saturday, October 1

Time: 12:00

Bob O'Donnell, "The Fossil Guy"

Enthusiastic & informative! Experience Bob's extensive collection of fossils including dinosaur footprints, jelly fish, a woolly mammoth tooth, and dino poo!

Bob’s exhibit covers the many different ways of fossilization, laws on fossils, pseudo fossils, living fossils, extraction of fossils, fake fossils and more. The types of fossils on display are, Dino Eggs, Dino Coprolite, Dino footprints, Petrified wood, Amber, Carbonized leaves, Volcanic ash fossils, Insects, Mammoth tooth, Fossilized fish up to 71 cm long, Ammonites, Trilobites, Starfish, Soft bodied fossils like jelly fish, Crinoids, Fossilized crabs, Reptile incased in limestone, a Megalodon tooth and more.

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Cad Design:
How it will change the future of jewellery design

Saturday, October 1

Time: 2:30

Ralph Schroetter GG., FGA, IJewelCad.com

We explore the future of jewellery design in cad by the use of geometry and a bit of math. 

Designing free-form surfaces and curves as jewellery elements which have multiple patterns is not an easy job to do with traditional wax modeling methods. The power of algorithms and scripts are pushing forward the limits of design. We need appropriate tools and software capable of simulating this geometry and controlling their properties. We will explore a number of different jewellery algorithms and how they can be used to develop complex designs.

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Sea Glass

Sunday, October 2

Time: 12:45

Mary J. Bonevelle

Sea glass, also known as beach glass, is fragments of broken glass that have been naturally polished by the currents and contents of oceans and large lakes. These smoothly rounded pieces of glass wash up on the shores of beaches and are collected by sea glass enthusiasts around the world. 

Sometimes the fragments of glass are from an identifiable original object (for example, when a part of a brand name stamped into the glass is still visible). The glass fragments come in a variety of colours, which have been ranked according to rarity by collectors' groups. The glass can be made into jewellery or incorporated into other crafts.

The hobby of collecting sea glass has grown in popularity as it is something that is free, gets people outside, and is an activity that many people find relaxing and meditative. Many collectors of sea glass also begin to collect interesting rocks they find on the beach, and many sea glass collectors were originally rock hunters.

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Crystals & Gems

Sunday, October 2

Time: 2:30

Zulekha Noormohamed, Blue Sapphire Beads

Learn how crystals and gems work on the seven chakras.

The world of gems and minerals is a beautiful mystery. 

In this presentation you will get a glimpse of some of this mystical beauty. Learn how you can harness the power 

of crystals and minerals in your daily life to keep your chakra 

flowing freely to achieve optimal balance. 

Each of the chakras is associated with a particular area of the body and a color of the spectrum. As you become familiar with stones, meditation, healing work, and the energies within and around you, you will begin to incorporate your awareness into different aspects of your life and consciousness.   

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