2019 Seminar Speakers

Bob O'Donnell, "The Fossil Guy"

Bob has presented his Fossil exhibits for over 20 years at Schools, Libraries, Museums, Gem and Mineral Shows, Field Naturalist Groups, Retirement Homes etc. He is the Curator of the Arkona Lions Museum at Rock Glen Conservation Park and the liaison for the owners of 2 quarry pits in Arkona, Ontario. He is on the Board of Directors of The Central Canadian Federation Of Mineralogical Societies and is an Administrator of 6 Facebook groups on fossils. Bob is also President of The London Gem, Mineral & Fossil Society.

Jody Maas, President, Canadian Society of Dowsers

Jody Maas has been a spiritual person all of his life and dowsing has played an important role in his growth. 

Jody has been involved with the crop circles at New Credit Reservation in Hagersville and also led a Sunrise Ceremony there. He has participated in many sweat lodges and was one of nine people chosen internationally to speak at a gathering about helping the earth during a two-day sweat lodge ceremony. 

Jody uses a variety of implements in his downing practice. He works with crystals and standing stones, 'L' rods and pendulums. He is active in house clearing and harmonizing the energies of spaces. Jody works with what he calls the "Trinity Energy".

Jody is currently the president of the Canadian Society of Dowsers and has been interviewed on FiveD.TV along with numerous interviews on social media platforms. Jody also has his YouTube channel where he shares information about the devices that he makes. He demonstrates techniques for dowsing energies. Jody is writing a book that will soon be available.  

Alex Nelson, Club Rex

We invite you to view the world as it was over 65 million years ago. Welcome to CLUB REX!

Club Rex is Niagara's premiere natural history resource. With over a decade of working with the world's finest museums, we are proud to bring our knowledge, passion and collections to schools, clubs, birthday parties and other special events. 

Our goal is to have every child appreciate nature in its rarest form, with an entertaining, educational and hands-on experience not found anywhere else. We enforce critical thinking and use our resources to instill a love of learning, science and the natural world. 

Like most kids, Alex Nelson has been fascinated by dinosaurs and prehistory since a young age, but with Alex, that fascination never went away. After attending Sheridan College for Art, Alex was employed by world-renowned museum display manufacturer, Research Casting International, then located in Beamsville, ON. After almost a decade with RCI, Alex had experience working on many "once in a lifetime" fossil specimens, reconstructing missing elements and repairing broken bones. 

From dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurs and Sauropods to Ice Age mammals like Mastodons and Smilodons, Alex has worked in may prestigious institutions around the world. Original sculpts include Coelophysis, a small theropod dinosaur for the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta and Eobalaenoptera, an ancient whale for the University of West Virginia. After leaving RCI, Alex started Pieces of Prehistory, a company that produces art inspired by natural history, and Club Rex which develops community outreach programs that bring prehistoric themed entertainment and education to schools, daycares, birthday parties and more!

Zulekha Noormohamed, Hamsa Heaven

Zulekha Noormohamed is a successful business woman who has been making breathtaking one-of-a-kind jewellery for 13 years. Each unique piece is hand crafted and made with love and care to accentuate the inner beauty of all who wear her creations. She specializes in working with high quality precious and semi-precious beads both in her jewellery and her bead company. Zulekha believes deeply in the healing qualities of the stones she works with. Her commitment to this results in her often making custom pieces for her customers to benefit from their healing properties. 

Zulekha juggles a full-time job, running two successful businesses along with raising her three beautiful daughters. She regularly jokes that she works a full-time job in order to pay for her addiction, which is her jewellery. She runs these successful and growing businesses to channel her creative energy. She helped start The Gem Expo which is a gem, mineral, lamp work and mineral trade show that is open to the public as well as wholesalers. In recent years her focus has been to help her clients work with their mind, body and spirit through making jewellery, using crystals and energies to reach wellness. She continues to sell the handcrafted creations along with imported sterling silver findings, precious and semi-precious beads and components. 

Zulekha has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Lakehead University, a Human Services Counselor diploma from George Brown College and is working on getting her Reiki Master and Homeopathy certifications. 

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