2019 Free Seminars
Seminar Room

Fantastic Fossils Up Close


Saturday, October 5

Time: 12:00

Bob O'Donnell, "The Fossil Guy"

Enthusiastic & informative! Experience Bob's extensive collection of fossils including dinosaur footprints, jelly fish, a woolly mammoth tooth, and dino poo.

Bob’s exhibit covers the many different ways of fossilization, laws on fossils, pseudo fossils, living fossils, extraction of fossils, fake fossils and more. The types of fossils on display are, Dino Eggs, Dino Coprolite, Dino footprints, Petrified wood, Amber, Carbonized leaves, Volcanic ash fossils, Insects, Mammoth tooth, Fossilized fish up to 71 cm long, Ammonites, Trilobites, Starfish, Soft bodied fossils like jelly fish, Crinoids, Fossilized crabs, Reptile incased in limestone, a Megalodon tooth and more.

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Dowsing - A Life Skill

Saturday, October 5

Time: 2:30

Jody Maas, President, Canadian Society of Dowsers

During this interesting and enlightening presentation, Jody will share his extensive knowledge of dowsing including:

- How Dowsing Works

- The Seven Levels of Dowsing

- Dowsing Into The Future

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Dino-mite Exhibit!

Sunday, October 6

Time: 12:45

Alex Nelson, Club Rex

The dinosaurs are coming to you!

Alex Nelson of Club Rex, brings a museum experience right to you! Unlike a museum though, Club Rex doesn't believe in viewing dinosaurs from behind ropes or under glass. They allow you to get up close and personal with their museum pieces.

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Healing With Crystals & Minerals

Sunday, October 6

Time: 2:30

Zulekha Noormohamed, Hamsa Heaven

Our bodies are made up of energy meridians that help determine our own wellness. Sometimes they can get tired and drag a little. Using minerals and crystals are a great way to holistically jump start the movement of your own energies in these areas. Learn how to access a mineral's vibrational frequency to holistically help your mind, body and spirit on a daily basis.

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